Memorandum of Understanding

 Standard Terms & Conditions Applying to the Services Agreement between vendor and Urban Style Lab (USL)





  1. USL will provide styling services to the Vendor and Agents based on over 10 years experience  in property styling.  This experience has been detailed in various public forums and is freely available.

  2. When providing this service USL, is styling for the open market.

  3. USL will conduct its business to a high degree of professionalism and aims to ensure an optimum outcome for the Vendor and Agents.

  4. USL will meet the Vendor or Agents to predetermine the scope of work for styling.  Attendance at this meeting is actively encouraged to identify any specific requirements of the Vendor or Agents.

  5. If USL provides a quote based purely on a floor plan, images or verbal descriptions, the quote may be subject to change once the property has been inspected by USL unless otherwise stated.



Property Access


  1. Access to the property should be unencumbered with no extraneous household effects, building or cleaning materials remaining in the property. Should such items remain, USL will professionally relocate the items within the property or at additional cost to the Vendor or Agents, arrange for removal, & or storage of the items.

  2. Where USL considers that artwork is required to be used in the styling work then the artwork will either be hung from existing hooks etc or new hooks etc will be installed.  It is USL’s preference to use stick-on hooks, however in USL’s experience there are certain elements that prevent this system from working.  An example of this may be uneven walls, dampness, humidity etc.  At the time where items are being removed from the property, USL will remove any nails that were used & patch any unforeseen damage to wall. USL will not be required to repaint an entire wall.




Changes After Installation


  1. Once the property has been installed and changes to the installation are subsequently required by the Vendor or Agents then an extra fee may be incurred

  2. In the unlikely event that during installation or removal, USL causes damage to fixtures or fittings including walls, USL will undertake professional repair at USL’s cost.

  3. The cost of repairing any damage caused by the Vendor or third parties, including children and pets, to any USL supplied props & furnishings will be for the account of the Vendor. Damage includes hair shed by pets, clawing of or stains on furnishings, breakages, damages to furniture & props, missing items etc.


Extension or Early Sale


  1. If the property fails to sell within the nominated 6 week period of installation & the Vendor requires an extension of time, then a mutually agreed weekly fee will be apply and be paid weekly. 

  2. Should the property sell within the 6 week period there will be no refund or reduction of fee.



Payment Terms


  1. Terms of payment stipulated in the USL invoice are to be strictly adhered to.

  2. It is implicitly understood that when USL receives payment or begins to undertake duties implied by the client(s) that the conditions of the memorandum of understanding are understood and agreed upon.