"Beauty lies in simplicity…"


Urban Style Lab creates homes with heart. For more than a decade, this Sydney-based interior styling company headed up by Mia Cipolla has been designing, decorating, de-cluttering and transforming spaces with its signature simple-yet-sophisticated style.


The USL scope of practice is wide-ranging, and we understand that each and every project is unique.

We specialise in:

  • Property styling for commercial and residential spaces

  • Partial or entire interior installations

  • Large and small-scale property styling installations

  • Decluttering and organisation 

  • Understanding the market & collaborating with agents & vendors for a sucesful sale campaign

Make a difference to how you style to sell...

USL are experts at partial installations, letting the personality of your personal spaces shine. Let Urban Style Lab work their magic in your home, using, reusing, refreshing and restyling what you already have (and perhaps suggesting a few small additions) for a stunning look that’s easy on the eye, the planet and your budget.

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“Urban Style Lab helped us style our house for sale. We received a wonderful price that exceeded all our expectations. We really believe it was all down to USL'S beautiful styling and finishing touches. We engaged Urban Style Lab again to help style our new home!”

Steph, Sydney

“On purchasing an apartment early last year it was in dire need of a renovation. I wanted a comfortable, light, flowing living space. I got exactly what I wanted with Urban Style Lab. I would definitely recommend Urban Style Lab – they have a great understanding of your project management, tastes and requests.”

Martin, Sydney