Creating a simple form is more complex than over-styling. Beauty lies in simplicity. Our aim is to style spaces that have heart, reflecting the soul and space.



Urban Style Lab's authentic approach begins with the belief that every home has a personality of its very own. Rather than trying to force a space to be something it’s not, Mia and her team seek to harness this existing energy, letting the true character of the space shine through in every element.


We see the beauty in objects from all walks of life, showcasing beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces from all eras in our work. With a planet-friendly mantra of reuse, recycle wherever possible, our eclectic spaces shine with the life and beauty that is so often absent from trend-based, cookie-cutter design projects.


USL understands that clients are hungry for spaces that are authentic and relatable to them – a living room where they can actually imagine putting their feet up at the end of a long day, a dining space they can see friends sharing a meal, a family space where the kids would laugh and play. This is style that is simply inspirational, not aspirational.


Each project USL undertakes is unique and needs a unique approach. But the one commonality is the creativity and passion the team brings to each and every project, the end result reflecting the true soul of any space.